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Rheems Wall Ball Drill
20 minutes, 5 days a week.
Righty. Lefty. Let’s go.
“WALL BALL” is the single most effective training technique you can do off season. It will help you develop into a sure handed control player, regardless of position. Commit yourself to 20 minutes a day to improve your stick handling, hand eye coordination, passing, catching, shooting, fakes and trickery. Find a wall (it could be the side of a school, gym, handball court, etc) that is at least 15 yards long and ten feet high.
1. QUICK STICK/RAPID FIRE: Line up around 3 – 5 yards from the wall. First, 50 right hand throw and catches without cradling. After completing 50 right hand throw and catches, do the same with your left. With “wall ball” anything you do right, you follow-up left. This stage is great because it allows you to work on quick sticks, hand eye coordination, and one timing. You will become better about getting rid of the ball in a timely fashion without even noticing it by practicing this stage.
2. 12 YARD PASSING: Line up 12 yards from the wall. Start with 30 right hand throws, which will come back to you on one bounce. When you retrieve the ball from the one bounce, cradle once, then follow-up with the next throw. When you have completed 30 right handed throws, follow-up with 30 left.
3. THROWING & CATCHING ON THE RUN: Line up 5 – 7 yards from the wall on the far left side of the wall. Begin with the stick in your right hand and while running alongside the wall (towards the other end) throw and catch the ball on the run. The important part is to throw the ball on the run and not always catching the ball stick side.  Throw the ball against the wall and catch it cross hand (or across your face). After running one length of the wall, run back to the other end throwing lefty doing what you did with your right. Keep repeating these steps. This stage should be done for about 5 –
7 minutes.
4. SHOOTING: Line up around 12 – 15 yards from the wall. Get in proper shooting formation (hands loose, three quarter/overhand motion/ snapping of the hips and following through). Mark a few places on the wall with tape to aim at. Shoot at about 80% velocity, having the ball come back to you with one bounce. Depending on where you aim, the ball may take bounces that aren’t the same, so you will have to work. Start with 25 right, then 25 left.
5. TRICKERY: This is a great time to practice behind the backs (make sure you are not following through too much. Step in the direction you are aiming, and the behind the back motion is only about a foot, with the head of your stick ending up hitting the top part of your arm near your shoulder). Around the world, through the legs, and any other
creative stuff can be incorporated at this time. If you are mastering the above steps, leave 5 minutes for this step. There are times in a game when a behind the back is the only option.
RHEEMS LACROSSE: Wall ball will make you a better player and us a better team.
20 minutes a day, 5 days a week. Righty. Lefty. Let’s go.